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There are several kinds of study foreigners may be interested to study in Ukraine language OR Russian. Because is cheaper to English courses But to study Russian language is Equivalent tuition fee to be pay as Ukrainian student.

• Studying at a Ukrainian university to receive a college degree
• Studying the Russian or Ukrainian language

Language Study ProgramThere are large numbers of foreign students at Ukrainian institutes of higher education — particularly from China and Arab countries (westerners are very few). They are attracted by Ukraine's good-quality higher education at a low cost compared to many other countries. A year's tuition at Ukraine's best colleges usually costs a under six thousand dollars for foreigners. Acceptance is based almost exclusively upon payment alone; foreigners are not normally eligible for limited state-funded positions

Most foreign students live in dormitories provided by the school at low cost, keeping their expenses low. At the same time, there are no legal provisions in place for foreign students to be able to earn money in Ukraine by working part-time (as is the case in most European countries).

Prospective students will have to get a student VISA upon admission to a Ukrainian university.

Studying Ukrainian and Russian in Ukraine

A number of language schools around the country offer organized Russian and Ukrainian instruction for foreigners, and many private language tutors offer their services as well.

Even when you in the process of studying the course the teachers often take students on walks and gives them real-life tasks to perform using the vocabulary they have learned.

This Russian course automatically takes 6 t0 8 month and the student will be awarded a certificate diploma. after that you have finished the course student will now chose the language he/she prefer to study is main course either in BSC.MA,PHD,MBBS,PGD OR ANY OTHER PROGRAMS .

Russian language is one of the six UN official languages. Over 260 million people speak Russian all over the world. Russian is the 4th language in the world after Chinese, English and Spanish. Russia is integrating into European community, so the interest for learning Russian for study or business is understood.

Ukraine as a former part of USSR is bilingual country. Ukrainian language belongs to Slavic group of languages together with Russian. The persons, who want to live and study in Ukraine need to have knowledge in both languages.

Teaching Russian as a foreign language includes grammar, speaking practice and reading. The learners are involved into real-situation speaking. Audio and video materials are used. There are all levels from beginner to advance.

Ukrainian universities inviting foreign students propose the preparing course during which students achieve the required level of Russian or Ukrainian according to chosen profession.

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