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University Accomodation

The chart  below is an illustration of how your living expenses might break down over a year for study in ukraine universities.

University hostel accomodation paid in beggining of the session.

Hostel fees ranges from 35$-100$ per month. A good hostel is1300$ per year.

Deposit none

Gas/electricity included in rent.

Water rates included in rent.

Food/toiletries Super stores or super markets is available near the hostel.

Course costs Provided By university Library,books and other stationary  inside university campus.

Clothes washing machine available in hoste.

Leisure Different kind of playground,swimming pools,clubs, are located inside and outside of the university campus.In free time students can roam around the city and can enjoy laisure and food.

Travel Students can travel inside the city by Metro,Trolly bus, trams,buses, and by the                             taxi as well.travelling to other cities is done by super fast trains or luxury buses.

TV license FREE

Phone/misc Different mobile operators give free sim cards.Calls inside country is free between different operators.International calls are much cheaper in Ukraine ,like calling to India is only 2 indian ruppes. and calling to nigeria and africa is less then 1 cent in dollar.

Internet Wi-Fi is free inside the university campus and wi-fi rates are inluded in the hostel fees to use inside your room.

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