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Facts about Scholarship or Free Education in Ukraine:

Scholarship OR free education is not provided by any Ukrainian Medical or Engineering or Aviation Universities.Because all the Universities in Ukraine are Government Universities their fees are very low  and subsidised upto 40%, even for international students. Students in Ukraine pay their tution fees by their own means,it means study in ukraine is totally based on self finance system also for your information no part of full scholarships are given to international students. Ministery of Science and Education in Ukraine or any University of Ukraine do not give any type of financial help to any foreign student. Students in Ukraine pay their living expences by themselves depending on the finances of their sponser or parents. We advise all students who wants to come to study Medicine or Engineering in ukraine,should organise well all their financial bugdet before arriving in ukraine,they must call us or contact us via mail regarding their full expenditure while studying in ukraine.We encourage students to take bank loans/study loans if they dont have sufficient funds with them.We also help every students by providing loan letters from the university and from the eurasian education consultancies.

Scholarships/Financial Aid by Eurasian Education Consultancies:

Eurasian Education Consultancies gives financial help to the best students who come to study in ukraine . EEC gives its best students annual scholarships from the second year of their study. The scholarships recieved by the students is  1000 USD or 20% of their tution fees. The scholarships varies from students to students and is based on merit of the student. Scholarships are not required to be repaid.Mostly scholarships are based on a student's academic, artistic, athletic or other  extracurricular activities and social service record. Like helping other students of his community in their studies or organising students to participate in cultural activities.

Scholarships by Reference Students:

EEC also gives financial help to students who provide reference students for further study in ukraine.EEC gives a part of student fees if he provide 2 or 3 students by his or her reference.EEC can give full student fees if he provide more then 5 students by his or her reference from the year student reference students get admission.All the reference students must fullfil the criteria of Eurasian Education Consultancies to study in ukraine in english.

How to Study Free in Ukraine:

Their are diffrent ways a intelligent  students can earn his or her tution fees while studying in ukraine,

  1. Student can obtain scholarships from EEC on certain services provided to us from the 2nd year of their study.Those services do not need so much effort and do not disturb the study of any student, student can advertise our services via internet and if we can get good reference from his or her advertisement  we can pay full fees of the concened student.
  2. If a student is very good at his study and help other students simbolically to get also good results we support that student partially pay his tuition fees,or even student is very good of any kind of social or extracurricular extivities which effects to get good results and good name in overall student community, we also provide that student partial scholarship.
  3. If during vacations of  three months in summer any student help us to promote our university in a certain country, we also help him by part or by full scholarship of their tution fees.

How to cover your living cost in Ukraine:

If a student is very laborious and hard working ,it is not so tough to cover his or her living expences, as the living expences in ukraine is very low,it can be covered by doing part time work on internet or by helping someone in his job. It is a matter of knowledge and  trials to get some kind of part time work which do not harm your studies,the other thing is that you can go during summer to other countries like USA or UK to get some full time jobs in farms or in other areas.While being in ukraine student can also earn their livings by helping someone in his job or helping someone in his studies.The knowlege of computer and internet helps you much getting any kind of part time job.The most important thing in this is the believe about your ability and the determination to do something in your life.We help students with study in ukraine scholarship who are ready to help themselves to make a bright career.

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