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PostHeaderIcon 10 reasons to study medicine in Ukraine

Study General Medicine in Ukraine

Study General medicine in Ukraine is now getting popular in India, Nepal,Srilanka,Nigeria, Ghana, Namibia, Gambia,Zimbabwe,South Africa,Malavi, Botswana as medicine study in Ukraine is in English medium. Ukraine is  becoming the most favored destination for studying MBBS in Asian countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh and srilanka. Every year, between August to January more than 4,000 international  students come to  study General Medicine in Ukraine. Studying English medium MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)  in Ukraine  has become increasingly popular since 2002. All the Medicine universities in ukraine with English medium MBBS are recognized  and approved by WHO( World Health Organization ) in the "Directory of World Medical Schools"and by MCI(Medical Council of India).

Study medicine in the universities of ukraine is cheaper cost wise and highly reputed  technology wise .All the Medical Universitiies teach Medicine/MBBS(MD),BDS,Nurshing,PG  in English for more then 20 years. Medical degree awarded by the Ukrainian universities  is valid  and accepted every part
of  the world and eligible for MCI ( Medical Council of India) PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council ) , HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) SCHS (Saudi Commission for Health Specialties ),PLAB (The Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board) in the UK, USMLE(The United States Medical Licensing Examination ),MCC (Medical Council of Canada) for Screening test conducted by the the National Board of Examination under each country.

The labs and infrastructure of ukrainian universities are far more better than most of the government medical colleges in Asia, Africa and other countries. The Ukrainian teachers,professors and doctors are highy qualified to teach medicine in the top medical colleges of Ukraine.Majority of graduates who have completed their  studies from Ukraine are working in their countries as a licensed Doctor.Their are more then 20 medical universities in Ukraine recognized by ministry of health and science of Ukraine.

Top 10 Reasons to Study medicine in Ukraine:

1. Aprroved for any medical Screening Test worldwide:

All the Universities of Ukraine  are government universities and comes under ministry of education and science of ukraine. All the Ukrainian medical universities are listed in the World Health Organisation (WHO)'s "Directory of World Medical Schools". This listing means that graduate doctors are eligible to attend national medical elligibility tests such as USMLE, PLAB, MCI, PMDC, HPCSA, SCHS,MCC etc.

2. MD degree from a world class University:

Universities of Ukraine have  well-established reputation for excellence in teaching and research and is consistently ranked amongst the top universities of the world by both government and independent surveys. After fulfilling all the requirements of the teaching program and passing all the exams/clearing all the practical training  successfully, international studnets  will be granted "Doctor of Medicine" (MD) degree by the university.This degree is equivalent to "Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery" (MBBS) degree awarded by Commonwealth countries such as India, UK, Australia,  etc.International students can take their medical degree/ graduate diploma and required documents to the embassy of their home country for accreditation if needed.

3. Worldwide acceptance of Ukrainian medical degree awarded by top medical colleges in ukraine :

Graduates from Ukrainian medical universities  can work anywhere in the world in the field of Medicine as the qualification is recognized by WHO. The applicants just need to satisfy the registration requirement of Medical Council of Respective Country.The same requirement Indian MBBS doctor has to follow in terms to practice in the field of Medicine in that country.  The system of higher education in Ukraine is well formulated and advanced and on par with the western countries like US,Canada,UK,Australia and Other European countries.

4. Easy to get admission in a top medical university of Ukraine:

It is so easy to get admission to study medicine in the best medical  university  of  Ukraine to study MBBS Compared with some universities or colleges in US, UK, Europe, even India, Pakistan,Nigeria.   Also  unlike in other universities in India and abroad, students do not need to appear for any entrance or pre-qualifying exams. Furthermore, the  requirements to study medicine in ukraine are  much lower than any other countries. To study medicine in ukraine and to get admitted in top Ukrainian medical universities, You need only 50% marks in physics,chemistry and biology and basic knowledge of English.

5. Good Value for money: living cost and tuition fees is less compared to other countries:

Firstly, No donations or capitation fees are to be paid to the universities to study medicine in Ukraine. 2ndly,The cost of education in the medical universities is highly regulated is subsidized by the Ukrainian government . This is  why higher education in Ukraine  is affordable for many students of the Globe. Study medicine or MBBS in Ukraine  is 70% cheaper than study medicine program in the US or UK. The US MD program course (equivalent to MBBS) cost around USD 160,000-200,000.  While MBBS course from any of the Ukraine  medical university last for 6 years for only USD 30,000 – 40,000.

6. Excellent study environment in Ukrainian universities:

Ukraine welcome international students from all over the world who wish to come to ukraine for higher medical education.Universities in ukraine are becoming highly international. While studying in Ukraine universities , you are likely  to find yourself meeting students from more then 100 countries of the world. Besides while studying and living in ukrainian traditions, you can also experience various international culture.

7. Importance to Practical phase in Teaching ,Plenty of quality hospitals for internship:

All the Ukrainian medical universities are under ministry of science and health,Ukraine.They are approved to enroll international students for English medium MBBS .All the medical universities have many government hospitals under them.Those hospitals are equipped with high standard medical equipments to serve the patient.So all international students have good chances of getting quality training  from highly trusted hospital and clinics.

8. Colorful  campus life in Ukrainian universities:

Foreign students who come to study medicine in ukraine take an active part in the life of the University,along with other ukrainian students they perform in concerts, organize students’ parties, participate in contests, festivals and sport events, and other cultural activities inside the campus and outside as well. Ukrainian universities organize all kinds of special activities, which is also beneficial for studnets to settle into life in Ukraine. International Students in Ukraine can enjoy their study life on campus and can also travel around the city on vacation.  This gives students in Ukraine a great opportunity to make friends from all over the world,  and provide them with the skills necessary for their future professional career in the global arena.

9. 100%  safety and security of students in Ukraine:

Ukraine is a very safe European country with beautiful landscape surrounding. Most of the Ukrainian cities are  very peaceful with social harmony and good public security. Ukrainian government takes a strong  stance on crime and law and order. Top Ukrainian medical universities takes special care to provide international students with a safe study and living environment on campus.All the students hostels have their own security. Outsiders not allowed inside the hostels,friend and relatives can enter only after showing their identity in the hostel gate.Same kind of security is also given inside medical university campus.

10.Chances of Settlementin Europe, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Newzealand afrter completing medical degree from Ukraine:

Ukaranian  Universities are the best in medical education field.Study medicine in ukraine is very prestigius for foreign students. They give high quality education and training with highly specialized doctors and professors.After getting medical dgree from here you can pursue you medical career in the any part of the world, all western countries like USA,Canada,Uk ,Germany and Australia have a real shortage of qualified doctors. You can practice as intern doctor in USA,Canada after clearing USMLE,MCC and can get around 50,000 US $ per year during residency itself.The same amount will be paid  during residency in UK after clearing plab test. We welcome international students from all parts of the world to study medicine in ukraine medical universities at a very low cost in english.

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