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Admission is going on for 2020-2021, contact us immediately at: , 00380675302078, 00380995315974

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Admission for 2020-2021 started for  Indian students,foriegn students.

Strictly for your compliance:
Students admission for study in the prestigius  universities of ukraine have started now for 2020-2021.As lots and lots of students are opting their higher education in ukraine, It is necessary to book your seat and get admission through EURASIAN EDUCATION CONSULTANCIES in advance. ADMISSION Letter and INVITATION letter is a hassle free process with EURASIAN EDUCATION CONSULTANCIES .


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Dear Students

Welcome for education in Ukraine!

Admission for 2020 started for Indian students,foriegn students.

It’s our immense pleasure to inform you that we have already started  issuing the “Admission Letters for Study in ukraine in 2020. So, the students who are interested to enrol themselves to Ukrainian universities; should immediately send their docs scans via email. Eurasian education consultancies is recognised and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education to enrol students directly from all over the world.

How to book your seat and get relaxed, now!
Kindly forward us high quality clear scanned copies of following documents, in reply to this email.
Filled Application Form (with valid permanent/ current postal address and telephone numbers).
International Passport, the page with picture and data on it (travelling document).
Educational Documents available ( Certificate of O level/A level /SSCE/ HSSCE/Bachelor/Master’s ).
Kindly forward the documents via email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Here is the list of  Documents and information required to get official  admission and invitation letter:

  1. Name, Surname,middle name.
  2. Citizenship,country of residence.
  3. Date & place of birth.
  4. Sex.
  5. Passport number.
  6. Passport validity (date of issue & expiry). Must valid 1 year atleast from the date of applying for invitation.
  7. Permanent address,where you stayed last 6 months.
  8. Mobile number, e-mail address.
  9. Name of the Country where you are going to obtain your visa.
  10. Scan copy of the international passport (pages with the photograph, date of birth and passport validity (date of issue & expiry).
  11. Scan copy of marksheets and certificate of  Higher Secondary Education.

Every year application for official invitation letter is accepted from the first week of april to the first week  of November. It takes 3-7 days to process the documents with the Ministry of Higher Education of Ukraine for issuing official invitation letter for applying ukraine study visa.

Things to take into consideration before applying admission in ukraine universities.

  1. As you know studying in Ukraine or higher education in ukraine is cheaper than other  European countries, but you must take into consideration other factors through out your study periods, apart from your tuition fees you must preapare atleast $150 to $200  every month for other expences. Expences varies from students to students and their living status in ukraine,like some students dont like the hostel and live in flat in that case expences will be more then $200 per month.In the beggining year students should not rely of any kind of part time job or financing their expences themselves as they must know the place ,learn the language a little bit,know the people and their surroundings.
  2. Make sure with your study in ukraine consultant or directly with the university that you really satisfy all their admission criteria to enter into the prestigious ukrainian universities you choose,you must also read carefully  the section on general requirements to study in Ukraine.
  3. Make sure the university you want to study in ukraine, is authorised to teach the programm in english language,sometimes the consultants or agents can send you admission letters or invitation letters from the university where medium of instruction is not english,so be careful and check many times that they must teach the program in english.

So, while making the final decesion to study in ukraine,must take notice of these three very         important factors.

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