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Social Activities and Trips
About Social Lifestyle. With it’s in numerous student populations in several universities and renowned institutes, the Ukrainian cities posses’ great openings for leisure and other social activities.  Relaxing on the banks of river is very traditional and popular. Also, the country is renowned for most scenic areas. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit some of Ukraine most famous and historical cities and sights, including Yalta, Odessa, Black Sea, etc.
At....,from social fun to creative activities and sporting, our student committee organises such activities at the colleges.

Social Club Activities

Indulge yourselves into social activities and organise theatre visits, meals, parties and trips to parks and paintballing venues. Speak out! – and discuss current affairs, political, social or ethical topics with your fellow students. We have a number of chess boards available and run tournaments on demand.

Sports and activities

We offer a verity from varied sporting activities which  includes football, basketball, badminton, swimming, table tennis and ice skating.

Get creative and give a great look to your CV... involve yourselves in writing or editing your universities newsletter and impress employer’s! Learn art from co-students at the Art Club and arrange tours and trips to to sketch the lovely city of Ukraine.

Student Committee
During the beginning of every academic session students get to interact with the Student Services Officer to discuss the formation of a University Student Committee. This student commission is representative of various activities and are organisers of social events.

For more info on the student commission.... please contact us

The non-committee members are equally welcomed to take part and get involved in all matters of interest to the student body. This body meet id
about twice a term with the Student Services Officer

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